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The MT86 insertion type multipoint mass flow meter combines FCI’s highly reliable thermal dispersion, no-moving parts flow element design with up to 16 flow sensing points while operating over a wide temperature range up to 850° F [454° C]. The electronics features continuous built-in testing and calibration adjustment to prevent signal drift.

The MT86 multipoint mass flow meter is ideal for installation in air ducts, stacks, or wherever irregular flow profiles reduce the effectiveness of single-point metering.


Stack monitoring for CEMS Flue gas recirculation monitoring
Primary air flow monitoring Scrubber and precipitator balancing
Combustion air flow monitoring Air monitoring to low NOX burners


Flow Range: 0.25 to 150 sfps [0.08 to 46 nmps] in
Air at standard conditions of 70° F [21.1° C] and 14.7 psia [1.01325 bar (a)].
Accuracy: (at calibrated conditions) ± 2% of reading, ± 0.5% of full scale
Temperature Coefficient:
With optional temperature compensation. Valid from 10% to 100% of full-scale calibration
Flow: Maximum ± 0.015% of reading/ºF up to 850ºF [±0.03% of reading/ºC up to 454 ºC]
Repeatability: ± 1% reading
Turndown Ratio: From 5:1 to 100:1 within the calibrated flow range.
Temperature Compensation: 
 Standard: ± 30° F [± -1° C]
 Optional: ± 100° F [± 38° C]
Enclosure: Powder coated aluminum enclosure is rated for NEMA/CSA Type 4 (equivalent to IP66).
An optional enclosure for hazardous locations is available.
Agency Approvals: Contact FCI.
N.I.S.T. Certified Test Lab Calibration: Standard


Materials of Construction: 
 Standard: 316 stainless steel with nickel braze per specification AMS 4777 for all wetted surfaces.
 Optional: Hastelloy C with corrosion-resistant alloy braze.
Number of Flow Sensing Points per System: Up to 16 points total.
Process Connection:
 Standard: 2 inch male NPT or 3 inch 150 lb. raised face stainless steel flange.
 Optional: Other flange sizes and material types.
Insertion Length: Variable insertion lengths, customer specified.
Operating Temperature:
 Standard: -50° to +350° F [-45° to +177° C]
 Optional: -50° to +850° F [-45° to +454° C]
Operating Pressure: To 50 psig [3.4 bar(g)]; design pressure to 500 psig [34 bar(g)].
Optional Coatings: Electroless nickel, chromium carbide, Hastelloy C.


Operating Temperature: 
 With LCD Display: -50° to +150° F [-45° to +66° C]
 Without LCD Display: 0° to 140° F [-18° to 60° C]
Input Power:
 Standard: 115 Vac (50/60 Hz), 50 watts maximum, 0.50 amp fuse.
 Optional: 230 Vac (50/60 Hz), 50 watts maximum, 0.25 amp fuse, 100 Vac (50/60 Hz),
50 watts maximum, 0.50 amp fuse or 24 Vdc, 1.50 amp fuse..
Analog Output Signal: 
 Standard: 4 to 20 mA, 1000 Ω maximum load.
 Optional: 10 to 50 mA, 400 Ω maximum load; 0 to 5 Vdc, 2 mA maximum current; 0 to 10 Vdc,
2 mA maximum current.
Conduit Connection: 1 inch female NPT.
Optional Remote Enclosure: Powder coated aluminum enclosure is rated for NEMA/CSA Type 4 (equivalent to IP66). An optional enclosure for hazardous locations is available.
Optional Interconnecting Cable: 10 ft. [7.6 m] PVC cable (standard), custom lengths are available