SCC-K NOX Converter

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NO2/NO Converter

The SCC-K Converter is used when NOx (the total of NO plus NO2) is measured in emission monitoring systems. It converts NO2 to the component of interest NO.

  • Catalyst cartridge can be replaced from the front without any tools
  • Long catalyst service life
  • Manual switching between NO and NOx without requiring solenoid valves
  • Heated version for installing the converter upstream of the sample gas cooler (no NO2 loss)
SCC-K NO2 / NO Converter

General Data

  • Carbon-molybdenum-based catalytic converter
  • Long service life of catalyst
  • Efficienty > 95 %
  • Operating temperature adjustable from +50 °C to +700 °C
  • Version with heated sample inlet available as an option
  • Dimensions: 19″ width, 3 height units
  • IP 20
    For details see data sheet