STAR Data Management System (DMS)

Process Analytical

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STAR DMS is a client-server platform designed to centralize and manage critical data from legacy and current process analyzer networks. Archival and retrieval, trending, reporting and statistical analysis are all essential data management tools provided by STAR DMS. The remote user interface (RUI) launch portal for legacy and current ABB analyzer assets and an OPC concentrator for third party analyzers provide complete remote access to networked analyzer assets all logically displayed in the Plant View mode.

  • Integration with both ABB (PGC5000 Series process gas chromatographs, RVP4500 Series Reid Vapor Pressure Analyzers, Multiwave Photometers, etc.) and other manufacturers analyzers
  • Connectivity with all DCS, DAQ, PLC, SCADA systems and other higher-level processes
  • Apply with existing twisted-pair, fiber optic or Ethernet cabling
  • OPC

The STAR DMS includes :

  • Client  – Server database architecture
  • Monitors analyzer alarm statuses and analysis results
  • Chromatogram storage and viewing
  • Analysis modification and optimization

Storage of analyzer documentation and reports