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X-Log features a built-in web server. This allows configuration, real-time data download and display from any PC connected to internet. X-Log runs on a 32-bit platform and open-source Linux operating system; this technology allows a wide range of extremely advanced features.

  • Built-in internet stack with web server;
  • Setup and data display on any web browser;
  • Data-Push to up to three different FTP sites, X-Log is capable of trasmiting data via FTP protocol to a maximum of three internet areas (FTP area);
  • Internal FTP site for easy access to storage data;
  • N.8 analogues inputs, N.5 digital inputs;
  • Possibility to connect many third part sensors, as Vaisala barometer (PTB210 model);
  • Extension modules for additional input;
  • N.2 RS232 ports, expandable using USB;
  • Compatibility with up to 100 AIOs;
  • N. 1 Ehernet 10/100 Mbps port;
  • N. 2 USB ports;
  • N. 4 analogue outputs 0÷2 Vdc;
  • N. 4 open collector outputs;
  • SMS messages over n.4 programmable events, each one to a specific telephone number;
  • 32 MB internal memory. Additional external memory up to 8 GB (one 4 GB industrial pen driver included);
  • Data output protocols: FTP, HTTP, Telnet, Modbus, Serial;