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SpectraSensors SS3000 Dual Channel Gas Analyzer is capable of measuring moisture and carbon dioxide in this cost effective measurement system, which enhances savings by incorporating two sensors in one.

Rapid Respone Time

The SS3000 analyzer takes four measurements per second with a laser and detector and immediately averages the results. There is no contact with the gas. Real-time measurements are not hampered by wet-up or dry-down times as with surfaced-based sensors.


Because the TDL sensor never comes into contact with the sample gas stream, the result is a sensor which does not suffer from contamination or drift due to vapor impurities such as glycol, methanol or amines.

State of the Art Technology

The analyzer works by shining a laser beam through the sample cell. The laser beam is selected to interact only with the measured compound, creating an absorption signal. The higher the concentration of H2O, the greater absorption of light and the stronger the corresponding absorption signal. Spectrum Software analyzes these absorption peaks to produce very accurate and repeatable measurements. Since the calculation is a direct, fundamental measurement, the amount of H2O present is measured in real-time.

Low Cost of Ownership

Operating costs are significantly reduced by eliminating the cost of consumables, extra sensor heads, labor and overhead associated with excessive maintenance.

The SS3000 dramatically reduces intangible but real costs associated with unreliable gas measurements. By eliminating added processing steps, detecting poor gas quality and the possibility of costly damage to equipment that can result from sensors that produce incorrect data.